Khamis, 29 Disember 2011

52 days to go

Oh Allah...just 52 days to go for SPEAKING ...!!!
what i want to prepare for this SPEAKING !!!

English Book ,  Grammar Book  , Dictionary and all related about English .. all of this book ,
 i very need you for this time...
because my english is poor , not very well .. i need tips to good in english..

8 Tips to Speak English Fluently & Confidently

The tips are:

1. Grammar
2. Reading loud
3. Watchin English movies wid subtitles
4. Mirror practicing
5. Regular Practice
6. whenever you watch any movie in your mother tongue , try to translate the dialogues in English in the real time. 
7.Always try to think in English.
8.Work-out what kind of sentences you have to speak daily in your school/college/office/ with your friends etc. and translate them into English before the time.

Do not wait any longer , Now " FARHANAH " you must start your best..
MUET is one off you can continued your study in Degree..CHAYYOKKK !!

How To Speak English in 30 Days!


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